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Artist Bio

Nat Brennan is a singer and songwriter from NYC. She writes emotional folk pop music for sad people to relate to because she, too, is sad. Apple Music put her on a playlist called, “Sad Face,” which actually made her quite happy. ​She has been performing her whole life, and in the past two years has gigged at iconic underground venues in NYC like The Bitter End and Silvana Harlem.



Photo by Edwina Hay

"Nat Brennan pours her heart into singing - and a big heart it is." 

Arthur Browne 


The Daily News

"Nat Brennan is a genuine chanteuse--willowy, smoky, jokey. The voice is real; the feelings are real. Someday I will tell people that I saw her before she was somebody."

Jim Traub

Contributing Editor

New York Times


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